2020 Meeting Overview

This year, the Fortune CEO Initiative is teaming up with The Rockefeller Foundation to convene an elite group of CEOs on the banks of Lake Como to shape specific steps business can take to improve the relationship between business and society. Last year’s revised statement of corporate purpose by the Business Roundtable marked a tipping point in this conversation; yet questions remain about how to implement the new principles, and how to measure results.

This event builds on efforts that began at the Fortune Global Forum at the Vatican in December 2016. Working with The Rockefeller Foundation, we have agreed to focus on a series of issues highlighted in the UN Sustainable Development Goals. CEO initiative members will meet on Monday, June 7, to deliberate on contributions the private sector can make to achieving those goals, then meet Monday night and Tuesday morning with a small group of NGO and civil society leaders assembled by the Rockefeller Foundation who could become partners in those efforts.


At the CEO Initiative Annual Meeting participants will join a full day of intense exploration of the current and most effective practices corporations are pursuing to address issues such as economic inclusion, employee health and well-being, planet-first efforts, and workforce development.

The Tuesday discussions will feature deep engagement and dialogue with civil society, NGO and academic leaders in small group settings, in partnership with The Rockefeller Foundation and the Brookings Institute.

  • Sunday, 7 June
    Villa Serbelloni, Lake Como
    The Fortune CEO Initiative Annual Meeting will open with a reception and dinner.
  • Monday, 8 June
    Villa Serbelloni, Lake Como
    Daytime: CEOI members will meet and explore corporate initiatives with one-on-one discussions, working groups, and leadership roundtables.
    Evening: Members will gather for a joint dinner with The Rockefeller Foundation at the Bellagio Center
  • Tuesday, 9 June
    Bellagio Center, Rockefeller Foundation
    CEOI members will join with their NGO and civil society counterparts to work in teams on five of the United Nations SDGs. These working groups will offer an unparalleled exchange of ideas and solutions. Attendees will have the opportunity to sit in on multiple groups, and all findings will be shared over a lunch program. The day will end in the early afternoon.