Monday, 3 June, 2019


Hosted by Royal Bank of Canada
From putting money into sustainable startups to investing in companies that prioritize societal health, what are the new opportunities and models in growing companies with an eye toward the greater good, and what have we learned from past missteps?
Inga Beale, Former CEO, Lloyd’s of London; Board Director, London First
Sophia Bendz, Partner, Atomico
Kirthiga Reddy, Partner, Softbank Vision Fund
Moderator: Michal Lev-Ram, Senior Writer, FORTUNE
Introducer: Janet Wilkinson, Managing Director, Co-head, European Fixed Income, Currencies and Commodities Sales, RBC Capital Markets


Welcome and Big Get-To-Know-You

Policing National Security
As countries deploy new technologies to combat ever-morphing threats, concerns about privacy and justice rise to the fore.
Closed circuit cameras, facial recognition software, A.I. are all now often-used tools in the arsenal of our policing structures as the type of dangers change, budgets get tighter, and physical human oversight of our safety becomes more difficult. But who is policing the algorithm? What biases in the data sets are we passing on into the justice system and, as the U.K. exits the European Union, is our reliance on machine learning rather than cooperation with other police forces going to hamper security threats from bot farms and terror groups?

Cressida Dick, Commissioner, Metropolitan Police Service
Moderator: Maithreyi Seetharaman, Co-chair, FORTUNE MPW International Summit, London

Banking on the World
Top finance leaders look to the future on global growth, risk, innovation, and the wealth gap.
There are two groups within the global economic system today: those that predict slowing growth and difficult times ahead and others that believe the world is on even keel. Political rhetoric and aggregate economic data tell one story, while global financial liquidity tells another. So how does the world’s financial industry approach this dichotomy while continuing to innovate and create strategies for the industry in the near term? And what impact will their decisions have on the world’s population, the industry’s ultimate customer?
Ann Cairns, Executive Vice Chairman, Mastercard
Wei Sun Christianson, Co-CEO, Asia Pacific, and CEO, China, Morgan Stanley
Moderator: Nina Easton, Co-chair, FORTUNE MPW International Summit, London

Will the Real Economy Please Stand Up?
What is the global consumer’s wallet saying about the state of the world today?
To the warning cry of chief economists and central bankers around the world of an oncoming slowdown in the global economy, is the rallying cry of those who have the pulse of the real economy, producing actual goods and services. Are the goods we consume still being shipped and bought, be it shampoos and beauty products in a world terrified about being on the brink of a trade war or a downturn? Are the real economy’s indicators saying our wallets are open, even if macro signals are painting a picture of doom and gloom?
Alexandra Keith, Chief Executive Officer, P&G Beauty, Procter & Gamble
Melanie Kreis, Chief Financial Officer, Deutsche Post
Moderator: Maithreyi Seetharaman, FORTUNE

Fine-tuning TV
Can this innovator beat the tech behemoths at their own game?
ITV has morphed. It’s gone from being the U.K.’s leading commercial broadcaster, to a global producer of content for worldwide audiences, competing against Amazon and Netflix. The woman at the helm knows a thing or two about innovating and creating success stories that fly high. She’s now aiming that spirit of innovation to win eyeballs in a digital world, where advertising dollars are hard to find for traditional broadcasters. So can she shake off the idea that TV is dead and beat the tech behemoths at their own game?
Carolyn McCall, Chief Executive Officer, ITV
Moderator: Alan Murray, Chief Executive Officer, FORTUNE

Future Proof: A.I., Machine Learning, and the Teachable Moment
What it takes to deploy new-tech for a winning company—and a better world.
The promise of A.I. is widely accepted in the business world, with the vast majority of firms believing it will be a competitive advantage in the future. Yet only a small portion are actually implementing it, and even fewer are doing so extensively. What’s the hold-up? The CEOs of two Dutch companies that are pursuing an A.I.-driven future—one via ‘booking experiences,’ the other with precise navigation and seamless transport—weigh the hurdles of embracing this next wave of technology, its undeniable upside, and the urgent challenge underlying it all: winning and retaining public trust.
Gillian Tans, President and CEO,
Corinne Vigreux, Co-founder, TomTom
Moderator: Claire Zillman, Co-chair, FORTUNE MPW International Summit, London

Africa’s NextGen Changemakers
The Continent’s innovation revolution is creating uniquely African opportunities within its tech-savvy 52 countries and its increasingly global-minded consumers.
Mobile telephony has had a massive impact on economies in Africa, creating a phase of African made and led companies leading the continent’s technology revolution. With the explosion in mobile phones and banking, the dream of a cashless and digital society is pushing entrepreneurs to dream big and dream global. The hope that the internet will have a transformative impact is attracting even global Tech giants to the continent’s pioneering environment. But, how can Africa and its entrepreneurs ensure progress is inclusive and innovation helps entire segments of the population still struggling to fulfill basic needs?
Viola Llewellyn, Co-founder and President, Ovamba Solutions
Nunu Ntshingila, Head of Africa, Facebook
Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu, Founder and CEO, soleRebels
Moderator: Michal Lev-Ram, FORTUNE


Fighting The Hard Fight
Data protection, judicial cooperation and cross-border terrorism, online terror content, and MeToo—How many battles does it take to defend European democracy?
As the dark side of technology permeates every facet of society, Europeans are facing their biggest battle. How do you protect democracy? General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR was a hard-won fight, but a necessary one for a woman passionate about ensuring injustice of any kind in Europe is a thing of the past and that all citizens have the protection they need to embrace technology and the world without compromising their freedoms.
Vera Jourová, Commissioner for Justice, Consumers, and Gender Equality, European Commission
Moderator: Maithreyi Seetharaman, FORTUNE

To The Moon And Back
How one woman looked within and found outward success to reclaim her voice
Beautiful, surreal, wild, harmonic, alien. These are the words Alison Sudol uses to describe her first love, music. Words that also describe some of the characters she has played in her meteoric rise to stardom, like Queenie in JK Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts film series,
to Kaya in Amazon’s show Transparent. But her story is one of journeying to the stars, retreating from the attention that came with it, seeking help, and finding her way back to her roots with a new voice.
Interviewee: Alison Sudol, Actress & Singer
Moderator: Nina Easton, FORTUNE


Hosted by Royal Bank of Canada

Tuesday, 4 June, 2019

Morning Plenary Sessions

Banking on a Digital Future
What a customer wants is central to a frictionless future of banking in a digital world.
Continuing on the theme of innovation to meet customer demand, the banking industry is seeking to streamline the user experience and offer simple-to-navigate tools. Bank Leumi and Barclays are on the forefront of the digital-only banking revolution; in fact, both are now eyeing a gigantic market—the U.S.—that is, perhaps surprisingly, behind on this trend. Digitizing such a fundamental financial resource is a foregone conclusion for today’s consumers, but it presents a unique set of challenges for those driving the change: maintaining a personalized touch, safeguarding personal data, harnessing A.I.’s capabilities, and ensuring this latest wave of banking is more inclusive than the last. CEOs from the two banks will explain what it will take to set this new era’s winners apart.
Karen Frank, Chief Executive Officer, Private Bank and Overseas Services, Barclays
Rakefet Russak-Aminoach, President and CEO, Leumi Group
Moderator: Claire Zillman, FORTUNE

A Vision For Funding Innovation
From looking for the biggest returns, to looking for innovators with a sustainable vision, funding for entrepreneurs is changing in nature and so are the actors involved.
Is the funding environment for innovators and startups changing? Is the make-up of who gets funded changing, too? What impact is that change having on returns for investors/enterprises? And is today’s investment environment creating a bubble or a constructive environment for innovation incubation? How are big tech and the world’s largest investors trying to influence the innovation generation environment? How do they ensure they are also being inclusive as the world rushes toward a digital future? And is their approach to funding and the funded changing as fast as the environment around them?
Adaire Fox-Martin, Member of the Executive Board, Global Customer Operations, SAP SE
Kirthiga Reddy, Venture Partner, Softbank Investment Advisers
Moderator: Nina Easton, FORTUNE

Trading with the World
Political uncertainty and brewing trade wars are creating challenges for the global economy, but can it also ferment opportunities?
In a political environment leaning toward protectionism, trade war rhetoric and actions between the world’s largest economies have slowed global trade growth to below the robust levels seen in past years. In an interconnected world, these growing tensions, both domestic and international, present a clear and present danger. There are knock-on effects of business investment being hit and global growth being stifled. What are the challenges ahead for Europe and the U.K. in this murky environment? And is there a silver lining of opportunities to be found amidst these dark clouds?
Baroness Rona Fairhead CBE, Former Minister of State for Trade and Export Promotion, Department for International Trade, U.K.
Emma Marcegaglia, Chairman, Eni SpA
Moderator: Maithreyi Seetharaman, FORTUNE

Shedding Light
Exposing atrocities to change lives of a generation
Khadija Al-Salami’s story is as gripping as the movies she makes. An 11-year-old child bride in Yemen, she was forced to leave school, endure the abuse of her husband, and finally “returned” to her family. Her path could have ended there, but it took a different turn. This filmmaker has turned the lens on the double standards in her own culture and the impact on women and children. Paired in conversation with Helle Thorning-Schmidt, CEO of Save the Children, we explore the simmering crisis of the Middle East’s most vulnerable and how to give those who have been invisible, until now, a new voice.
Interviewees :
Khadija Al-Salami, filmmaker, director, author and activist
Helle Thorning-Schmidt, Chief Executive Officer, Save the Children International
Moderator: Nina Easton, FORTUNE

Conscious Luxury
How does an iconic brand stay timeless in a digital age?
One-hundred-and-twenty-five years ago years ago, Swarovski created “a stone for every woman, that every woman can afford.” Today the company is embracing its technological roots in a digital age. The company’s collaborations with fashion greats and Instagram influencers are keeping Swarovski on trend. Behind the scenes, the company’s investments in artificial intelligence and next-gen innovations are expected to sustain this family-driven brand into the future. But the company’s ethos remains: an icon can only shine and be a cut above the melee when it is sustainable and constantly evolving.
Interviewee: Nadja Swarovski, Member of the Executive Board, Swarovski
Moderator: Pattie Sellers, FORTUNE

The Great Balancing Act
South Asia has had a tumultuous year, but for one of the most populous parts of the world, the battle to balance conflicting issues is a constant one. Multiculturalism, global competitiveness and growth , employment, inclusion, and security are constantly jostling with each other. So how do two countries, which have had more than their share of uncertainty and controversy, forge a path on the international stage while providing stability for growth at home?
H.E. Ruchi Ghanashyam, High Commissioner to the U.K., Indian Foreign Service
H.E. Ms. Saida Muna Tasneem, Bangladesh High Commissioner to the U.K., Ireland, and Liberia; Permanent Representative of Bangladesh to the IMO
Moderator: Nina dos Santos, Europe Editor, CNN International

Fashion, Forward
How is fashion innovating ways to stay relevant in a hyper-aware world?
Twenty-six million people employed by a trillion-dollar industry, fashion is anything but frivolous. But in a rapidly changing world grappling with issues of innovation, sustainability, and human rights, how is the industry changing? How are the people behind the brands we know and love having to adapt to stay relevant? What are the solutions to the issues close to the hearts of fashion’s next generation of talent and consumers?
Kristina Blahnik, Chief Executive Officer, Manolo Blahnik
Anya Hindmarch, Designer and Founder, Anya Hindmarch
Moderator: Prof. Frances Corner, OBE, Head, London College of Fashion; Pro Vice Chancellor, University of the Arts London


Choose 1 of 3

Women’s Relationship to Money and Power
Women are challenging the status quo, whether it is in politics, the arts or the boardroom. But their relationship with power and money for their own purpose is still complex. How do women today view power and money? And are global boardrooms working to redefine that view?
Maxime Carmignac, Managing Director, Carmignac U.K.
Anne Richards, Chief Executive Officer, Fidelity International
Jasmine Whitbread, Chief Executive, London First
Moderator: Kristen Bellstrom, Deputy Digital Editor, FORTUNE

Emerging Technologies Redefining Business
Hosted by Accenture
Emerging technologies, including 5G, A.I., and machine learning, may seem to be coming at us faster than we can keep up, but they are making companies reevaluate strategies and operations. What are the trends we need to be aware of, how do we prepare our workforces for the changes to come, and what will be the innovation breakthroughs that will redefine business?
Lisa Chatterton, Business Manager, Fashion Innovation Agency, London College of Fashion
Edna Conway, Chief Security Officer, Global Value Chain, Cisco
Janneke Niessen, Co-founder, VCVolt
Moderator: Michal Lev-Ram, FORTUNE
Opening remarks: Ruth Ormsby, Managing Director, Technology, Accenture

Making Decisions in an Uncertain World
Uncertainty and risk are difficult but they are part of the decision-making matrix. But the world today is more of an obstacle course than ever for those who need to take a decisive stance on the future. From navigating the ambiguity of geo-politics to ensuring corporate missteps can be corrected – how do you anticipate, innovate and take firm steps toward the future, in an uncertain world?
H.E. Ruchi Ghanshyam, High Commissioner to the U.K., Indian Foreign Service
H.E. Ms. Saida Muna Tasneem, Bangladesh High Commissioner to the U.K., Ireland, and Liberia; Permanent Representative of Bangladesh to the IMO
Helle Thorning-Schmidt, Chief Executive Officer, Save the Children International
Hiltrud Werner, Member, Board of Management for Integrity and Legal Affairs, Volkswagen Group
Moderator: Moderator: Beth Kowitt, Senior Writer, FORTUNE


Emotional Education
A Performance
Bold statements are what these two best friends, who were destined to meet in college, make. Harmonically intertwined, IDER transcends genres by “sewing disparate threads into a coherent tapestry.” And they do it together, exploring what they call their generation’s “millennial malaise” to create the emotional education they believe their listeners will identify within themselves.
Interviewees: IDER (Megan Markwick and Lily Somerville)
Moderator: Claire Zillman, FORTUNE

The Right Note
Music is constantly evolving, but one company is taking on the daunting task of transforming the business.
As artists, songwriters, and musicians set the trend for our music tastes, one 21st-century company is setting a trend that may change the core of the music business itself. Kobalt Music’s approach to the industry is establishing a “service model.” The aim? To put revenues in the pockets of artists and help emerging and established stars grow globally. Can the Kobalt approach transform the music industry’s future? And how will it change the path of music’s next-generation stars?
Interviewee: Avid Larizadeh Duggan, Chief Operating Officer, Kobalt Music Group
Moderator: Nina Easton, FORTUNE

Bursting Barriers
A look at the next generation in beauty branding
As beauty products become global staples, consumer companies are looking at the evolution of the next generation of brand building. And they are finding that at the heart of every consumer across the world, is a common value, “purpose.”
Alexandra Keith, Chief Executive Officer, P&G Beauty, Procter & Gamble
Paris Lees, Journalist and Activist
Moderator: Maithreyi Seetharaman, FORTUNE