Special Excursions

Enhance your experience with optional pre- and/or post-Forum excursions. Gain unique insights into Yunnan’s approach to sustainable development as we go off the beaten path to uncover the area’s rich blend of diverse ethnic cultures and teeming biodiversity. Space is limited, and a separate registration fee will apply. Click here for more information or to join the tours.

Pre-Forum Excursion: Experience Dali Bai
September 1-3
Connect with seldom-seen aspects of indigenous Chinese culture in timeless Dali Bai ethnic area just 2.5 hours from Kunming by high-speed train. Our trip will take us in and around Shaxi Old Town, a revitalized market hub along an ancient tea trade route that has been recognized by UNESCO for outstanding cultural heritage conservation. Accommodations are at Sunyata Shaxi, an intimate boutique hotel that fuses modern design with elements of the area’s rich cultural legacy.

Our trip will give us the opportunity to interact with villagers in their homes and everyday environments. We will meet the local Folk Song King who keeps Bai culture alive through his music; learn Bai-style cheese making in the home of a local artisan and share a dinner with her family; tour neighboring farms and walk with villagers along the storied Tea and Horse Caravan Road.

We will also have the opportunity to explore the natural splendor and Buddhist stone carvings of the centuries-old Shibaoshan Mountain Grottoes. This stunning heritage site incorporates a temple complex set amidst a lush landscape of caves, springs, and forested trails. The site was one of the first to be protected as a Major Historical and Cultural Site by the Chinese government, and offers a frontline exploration of Yunnan’s evolving efforts toward sustainable tourism.

Post-Forum Excursion: Shangri-la Adventure

September 6-8
Immerse yourself in a spectacular environment that spotlights Tibetan, Naxi, and Lisu cultures near breathtaking Shangri-la. Our excursion will take us to Tacheng, a short flight and transfer from Kunming, with accommodations at Songstam Tacheng, an award-winning chalet nestled amidst terraced rice fields with views of the Tibetan plateau.

Ecological preservation takes the spotlight as we gain privileged access to the verdant natural habitat of a rare endangered species, the Tacheng Snub-nosed Monkey National Park, part of the country’s nascent National Park System. We will meet with the Park conservator, and break into small groups to join rangers on their morning rounds for an in-the-field demonstration of China’s emerging nature conservation activities.

Our trip will also connect with two vital aspects of Yunnan’s diverse cultural heritage. We will take a short mountain hike to explore a Buddhist monastery in a pristine mountain setting, and step back in time with a visit to a Lisu village. We will meet villagers and share a traditional meal with them for an authentic taste of this distinctive ancient culture.

Participation in these excursions is available only to participants of the Fortune Global Sustainability Forum. Places are limited, and a separate registration fee will apply.Click here for more information or to register for these excursions.

Ancient Performance Stage on the Ancient Tea and Horse Caravan Road
Dali old town rooftop view with cloudy Mt Cangshan. Yunnan, China.