Participant Information

Hotel Accommodations
The Westin Excelsior

125 Via Vittorio Veneto
Rome, Italy 00187
+39 06 47081

Hotel de Russie

9 Via del Babuino
Rome, Italy 00187
+39 06 328881

Hotel Hassler

6 Piazza della Trinita dei Monti
Rome, Italy 00187
+39 06 699340


Business sessions: Business Attire
Dinners: Business or cocktail attire

During the audience with His Holiness Pope Francis and the tour of the Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel, and St. Peter’s Basilica, all guests will need to adhere to modest and unadorned dress. Dark colors for the audience are the most appropriate. Women will need to cover their shoulders and knees. Men should wear a jacket during the visit to the museums and jacket and tie for the audience. All events at Vatican City involve extensive walking and steps – we advise all attendees to wear comfortable footwear.


Temperatures in Rome and Vatican City in December may vary from a high of 50–55°F during the day to a low of 37–45°F at night. We recommend a jacket, sweater, or wrap for the evenings, which can turn chilly after the sun goes down. For the local forecast, please click here.

Airport Transporation

Please contact your hotel concierge if you need assistance with airport transfers.

Leonardo da Vinci Fiumicino Airport distances/drive times from hotels:

TIME / DISTANCE (km/mi.)

Westin Excelsior
50- to 60-minute drive time / 34.1 kilometers/21.2 miles; map from airport to hotel

Hotel de Russie
35- to 40-minute drive time / 31.06 kilometers/19.3 miles; map from airport to hotel

Hotel Hassler
35- to 40-minute drive time / 29.2 kilometers/18.2 miles: map from airport to hotel

Forum Transportation and Shuttle Service

We’ll be providing shuttle service between the Westin Excelsior, Hotel de Russie, Hotel Hassler, Vatican City, Villa Miani, and Enoteca La Torre at scheduled times throughout the Forum. Attendees who are staying at hotels other than the Westin Excelsior, Hotel de Russie, or Hotel Hassler will need to meet the shuttle at one of those three hotels during the scheduled pick-up times.

Registration Desk Hours

Thursday, 1 December: 17.00–19.00
Friday, 2 December: 07.00–20.00
Saturday, 3 December: 06.30–12.00

For Questions, Please Contact:

Birgit Kiernan

Manager, Executive Relations
Fortune Live Media

Lindsey Green

Speaker Liaison, Executive Relations
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