5G, Big Data and Cloud Services
5G technology is fast approaching major countries and cities, with China in the lead. How will 5G transform people’s lives and business development? What are its potential economic, social and geopolitical impacts?

Mobility, Autonomous Vehicle (AV), Smart Cities
The ongoing mobility revolution is propelling autonomous vehicle into one of the fastest and most exciting industries today. The arrival of AV is inevitable. However, exactly how it will interact and impact the ever-growing smart cities needs much discussion and definition.

Digital Transformation/AI Transformation

In the AI world, data is the new currency and analytics competency a crucial competitive differentiator across business lines. Companies that overlook data analytics risk being left out in the data revolution.

Healthcare and Biotech

A look at how artificial intelligence, robotics, and cognitive computing are disrupting healthcare and biotech industries today.

Techno Nationalism

Amid the escalating trade war between China and the U.S, many tech companies are caught in the crossfire. What are the key issues surrounding the rising techno nationalism? How can tech companies navigate in this mercurial situation? And will the world be split into two blocks, i.e. where Huawai can operate and where it cannot?

A.I. and Ethics
Due to cultural and social differences, different economies may have different views on A.I.-related ethical issues, especially in areas such as facial recognition, social credit rating system, privacy, disinformation……

Green Tech
EV and autonomous driving, carbon capture technology, injection and sequestration of CO2, lab produced and plant-based meats, these are just some of the fast-growing technology that have the potential to keep humanity live and thrive.

Design in Tech
Technology and design are increasingly intertwined and inter-dependant in many business and social sectors. Technology needs design to sell and design needs technology to create. We will share some of the best case-studies in this segment.

E-Commerce, Financial Payments and Crypto Currency
Technologies are transforming the way we spend, save and move our money. What’s next?