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The Fortune CEO Initiative is a forum for global corporate leaders committed to addressing major social problems as part of their core business strategies. We will meet in Washington, D.C. to emphasis the role of public-private partnerships and collaboration.  However, this summit will be about more than just talk. We will focus on action by drilling down on four key issues with our CEOI Collaboratives: Redesigning the Workplace, Building Stronger Communities, Working Toward a Sustainable World, and Tech That Works for Everyone. Our goal is to determine what success looks like and develop a metric to measure progress in these areas.

The Initiative is the place to share best practices, make meaningful connections, and identify actions that need to be taken to address some of the most critical challenges facing CEOs today. Through collaboration we will devise strategies to tackle everything from preparation for the next global crisis to navigating the various social issues on which corporations and CEOs are now being called to take a stand. At the annual meeting members will hear from experts on the impact of policies, both foreign and domestic, business’ role in navigating the U.S.-China divide and how to advance stakeholder capitalism’s principles. The future of SEC disclosures on companies ESG will also take center stage alongside a town hall discussion about how CEOs need to balance creating value with speaking out on their values and new charted waters modern-day corporations’ and their leaders are facing.

Participation is by invitation only.

Fortune is following guidance issued by local authorities and the CDC (including local mask mandates), and is taking several additional steps to prioritize participants’ health and safety. Entry requirements include digital proof of full vaccination (submitted through Health Pass by CLEAR) as well as a negative COVID-19 rapid antigen or PCR test result, from a test taken within 72 hours of the start of Annual Meeting. We will announce specific information in advance of the event. For those unable to travel to Washington, DC, a virtual program will be available.


FORTUNE CEO INITIATIVE 2021: A New Path Forward: Collaborating to Solve the Challenges of People and Planet

 This year, the CEOI will be emphasizing the role of public-private partnerships through Collaboratives in four strategic areas:

The CEOI Collaborative Working Toward a Sustainable World
Building a green economy that expands opportunity while reducing waste and CO2 emissions. 

Rich Lesser, Chief Executive Officer, Boston Consulting Group
Jim Loree, Chief Executive Officer, Stanley Black & Decker
Vicki Hollub, President and CEO, Occidental Petroleum Corporation

Fortune editorial chair: Alan Murray, Chief Executive Officer, FORTUNE

The CEOI Collaborative on Redesigning the Workplace 
Rethinking culture and retraining people to build an inclusive, economically secure workforce.

Chano Fernandez, Co-chief Executive Officer, Workday
Julie Sweet, Chief Executive Officer, Accenture

Fortune editorial chair: Maria Aspan, Senior Writer, FORTUNE

The CEOI Collaborative on Building Stronger Communities
Investing in our local communities to create shared prosperity for employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Rob Acker, Chief Executive Officer,
Michelle Seitz, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Russell Investments

Fortune editorial chair: Matt Heimer, Senior Features Editor, FORTUNE

The CEOI Collaborative on Tech that Works for Everyone 
Envisioning and guiding the ethical and wise use of technology as a unifying, equitable force in business and society.

Jennifer Tejada, Chief Executive Officer, PagerDuty
Tiger Tyagarajan, President and CEO, Genpact

Fortune editorial chair: Brian O’Keefe, Acting Editor-in-Chief, FORTUNE

Fortune will convene 60-minute virtual conversations for each CEOI Collaborative in the coming months. At the annual in-person meeting there will be breakout sessions for each of the four CEOI Collaboratives with public and private sector leaders to develop ideas and recommendations to translate new approaches into business strategies.

Membership Benefits

The benefits of membership in the FORTUNE CEO Initiative include:

  • Participation in the annual meeting November 15-16, 2021.
  • CEO Initiative Collaboratives - We bring together members for discussions focused on the Initiatives 7 core themes and the shared belief that infusing broader purpose into corporate strategies is increasingly important in attracting and motivating talent, deepening bonds with consumers, and steadying corporate reputation.  
  • Virtual Calls – Occurring monthly, these calls provide a forum for CEOI members to share ideas and approaches with other CEOI members. Our objective is to understand how each of our members are leading, planning, and thinking in both the short and longer term.
  • Video Interview - CEOI members have the opportunity to participate in a video interview series by a FORTUNE staffer, highlighting your business with purpose, and published on
  • Complimentary invitations and special opportunities to attend select FORTUNE events, including FORTUNE Brainstorm Health and the FORTUNE Global Forum for you and executives from your company.
  • Premium-level access across all FORTUNE media platforms. In addition, your membership will include complimentary access to FORTUNE’s new platforms and products including subscriber-only journalism online; an immersive video portal including FORTUNE conferences via live stream or on demand; proprietary research each week; and subscriber-only calls.

Participation is by invitation only, and benefits of membership in the CEO Initiative extend beyond the annual meeting, and includes frequent virtual conversations.  Annual membership is $15,000.

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The CEO Initiative is developed with the guidance of FORTUNE editors, and the program is tailored with themes and speakers carefully selected to deliver maximum value to participants.

For Speaker Suggestions:

To suggest a speaker for the FORTUNE CEO Initiative, please complete the form at the link below. There are no exact deadlines for speaker submissions.
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For Participation:

Membership in the FORTUNE CEO Initiative is by invitation only, and subject to approval. Registration is non-transferable. The annual membership fee of US $15,000 includes all member benefits. Participants are responsible for their own travel and hotel charges for all events. The staff for the event will provide more information about accommodations.
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For Sponsorship Opportunities:

A limited number of corporate sponsors opportunities are available for 2021. Please contact us for more information.
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