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Accelerating Sustainable Systems: From Pledge to Practice

As the world emerges from a global pandemic, a focused response to climate risk will be critical to accelerating an economic recovery and strengthening long-term market and environmental resilience. Investments in climate resilient infrastructure and commitments to low-carbon future could simultaneously decrease environmental threats and drive capital formation and long-term job creation.

We are now at a catalytic moment for global business–one in which actionable commitments to invest, mitigate and respond to this new climate reality are key to building a more sustainable path forward.  As companies around the world adapt to new ways of doing business, a unique opportunity has emerged to engage in sustainability transformation that complements digital-transformation efforts already underway in the wake of the pandemic.

Like all FORTUNE conferences, the Global Sustainability Forum will feature informative interviews, and interactive breakout sessions, with participation from top-level executives, investors, decision-makers and thinkers from around the world.


FORTUNE’s second  Global Sustainability Forum will convene virtually on September 28 to dissect the key trends, challenges and innovations now converging to make sustainability core to business strategy, including:

  • Resource Revolution: The interplay of market conditions, technology development and regulation during the pandemic accelerated a paradigm shift for the power sector. With demand for fossil fuels likely to never return to pre-pandemic levels, how can the public and private sector work together to pave the way for more rapid adoption of renewable energy and other clean technologies?
  • Getting to Net Zero: Global greenhouse gas emissions could cause economic damage equivalent to having a COVID-sized pandemic every 10 years. While businesses have responded over the last few years with a wave of net-zero commitments and initiatives, how can we capitalize on the urgency of this moment to define more comprehensive net-zero strategies?
  • The Plastics Paradox: While coronavirus lockdowns around the globe have led to a dramatic 5% drop in greenhouse gas emissions, the use of single-use plastics increased significantly. How can businesses mindfully use plastics to grow a low-carbon economy while also ensuring it doesn’t become harmful waste?
  • Future Mobility: In 2020, urban transportation use plummeted to its lowest level in several decades. How will pre-pandemic shifts toward electrification, connected transportation, shared mobility, and autonomous vehicles now change as a result of de-urbanization and increasingly hybrid work environments?
  • Green Bottom Line: Institutional investors, sovereign-wealth funds, and other large investors are dramatically reallocating capital in response to climate change as a strategic risk. But how can we better measure and manage these investments? And how will innovative finance mechanisms like emissions trading systems, green bonds and climate funds help build more resilient economic systems?
  • Resilient Food Systems: 2020 marked the most severe increase in global food insecurity, impacting vulnerable households in almost every country. Dependent upon sustainable natural resources, food systems are also responsible for the vast majority of global land and water use, and are an important source of greenhouse gas emissions. How can these systems recover, adapt and transform to meet the demands of a growing population?


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Tuesday 28 Sep, 2021
11 AM - 12:15 PM
12:15 - 12:20 PM
12:20 - 1:15 PM

Fortune editors host interactive discussions on key topics related to business and global climate risk and resiliency. (Choose 1 of 4)

1:15 - 1:20 PM
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The FORTUNE Global Sustainability Forum program is developed with the guidance of FORTUNE editors, whose journalistic perspective provides unique insights into the key trends and dynamic people that are driving business. The program is tailored to the immediate needs of its audience, with themes and speakers carefully selected to deliver maximum value.

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