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The Fortune Global Tech Forum is an annual international technology event for senior executives from Fortune Global 500 companies, top emerging entrepreneurs of the tech world, and the most prominent investors who finance them. Our next gathering will be the fourth and showcase the annual Fortune China Innovation Award Competition.



At the onset of the pandemic in early 2020, the tech industry was given the ultimate test to prove its worth. Daily tasks like visiting friends and family, working, learning, and shopping now all but impossible due to a deadly disease rampaging across the planet. Billions of people around the world were then forced to turn to tech companies to help them reconstruct as much of their normal lives as they could online. The tech industry responded, scaling up platforms and producing a multitude of new online learning spaces, video-conference technologies, and e-commerce sites that smoothed a transition to a new socially distanced normal. 

The future is now less clear. The pandemic-fueled tech boom is likely to lose steam as vaccine rollouts help borders open up and people return to classrooms and offices. But the tech gains of the quarantine years will not be lost either. In places like China, months after periods of intense lockdowns hundreds of millions of people have continued to use the e-commerce sites, online education systems, and other tech-led solutions that they adopted in the early days hunkering down the pandemic. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has, in effect, fundamentally transformed how humans relate to technology, while also upending political, corporate, and economic systems around the world in the process. The monumental changes of the past year and a half means that now is the perfect time to reset for a new era. 

At the 2021 Fortune Global Tech Forum on November 2-3 in Guangzhou, we will talk to CEOs, experts, and tech industry leaders about what this new era will look like and how they are planning for it. We’ll also explore how business leaders are taking lessons from the pandemic to help us emerge into a more technology-driven, globally-connected, and sustainable future.

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