Fortune held the inaugural Fortune Brainstorm HEALTH conference on November 1-2 in San Diego, convening and building a powerful new community of leaders at the forefront of the revolution that is underway in 21 st century healthcare.

Full sessions from the main stage are available on demand on our Fortune Magazine YouTube channel.

The healthcare industry is in the throes of revolutionary change. Profoundly powerful and fast-emerging technologies—from ubiquitous digital connectivity, to smarter big data, to computing systems that can reason and learn—are transforming a business landscape that accounts for almost 20% of the U.S. economy and steadily growing shares elsewhere in the world. Many believe that smart application of these technologies will dramatically improve the quality of patient care and reduce glaring inefficiencies, lack of transparency, and muddled accountability across the healthcare spectrum. Yet, real progress has been painfully slow.

While medical conferences are commonplace, none are focused on unleashing the problem-solving potential of new technologies—and on how corporations are best poised to adopt these new technologies to disrupt and transform the medical field. Fortune Brainstorm HEALTH will blaze this new trail. Our theme is “Seizing the Disruptive Opportunity.”  Participants included CEOs Jonathan Bush of Athenahealth, Ron Gutman of HealthTap, Dr. Clifford Hudis of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, Dr. Vivian Lee of University of Utah Health Care, VitalConnect CEO Nersi Nazari, James Park of Fitbit, and Andrew Witty of GSK, as well as  President of Flex Health Solutions John Carlson, Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation Founder Kathy Giusti, Dr. Sanjay GuptaArianna Huffington, Andreessen Horowitz General Partner Vijay Pande, Parker Foundation President Sean Parker, Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement Founder Maria Shriver, and White House Cancer Moonshot Task Force Executive Director Greg Simon. They were joined by our co-chairs—Fortune Deputy Editor Clifton Leaf and Dr. David Agus, one of the world’s most influential physicians.

<div class="caption legacy-media-caption"><p>Pictured at previous FORTUNE events (clockwise from top right): Helena Foulkes, Executive Vice President, CVS Health and President, CVS Pharmacy; Craig Venter, Co-founder and CEO, Human Longevity and Dr. David Agus, Director, USC Center for Applied Molecular Medicine; Martine Rothblatt, Chair and Co-CEO, United Therapeutics; James Park, CEO of Fitbit.</p> </div>