Program Overview

Program Overview

Our agenda has been organized to facilitate deep exploration and rich exchange around our 4 key areas.

Green Finance

With increased recognition from investors, regulators and boards that reform is a 5 year imperative, not the 25-30 once thought, environmental risk and impact is top of mind on every C-suite agenda. Balancing sustainable practices with other bottom and top line metrics has become a benchmark of short- and long-term viability for investors, regulators consumers.

Plastics and Recycling

Since China banned the importation of global scrap, plastic recycling has become a crisis with highly visible consequences. Will China reverse course? If not, what will our cities do with the tons of non- biodegradable plastic discarded each day? What are the consequences of current decisions?

New Technologies

Innovative technologies present opportunities and new vision. From A.I. and new battery technology, to alternative energy sources and waste management, efforts are being made to reduce footprints at the corporate and individual levels.

Food and Agriculture

As populations grow, the need for sustainable food sources and preservation of natural resources, including clean water has never been greater.