The 2019 FORTUNE Global Forum program will unfold at a time when the role of business, especially multinational companies, is at a turning point. Globalization is under attack, and the power of business to address pressing social problems is being questioned.

At the same time, CEOS face technology-driven industry disruption, changing government policies, volatile markets, and new requirements for satisfying next generation employees and customers. The best companies are finding ways to turn these challenges into opportunities for renewal and growth.

We’ll explore opportunities to engage digital technologies like artificial intelligence, automation, and the cloud to transform products and processes; to promote clean energy and greater environmental stewardship, win the battle for current and future talent by dedicating resources to education and re-skilling and creating more equitable corporate cultures; and effectively navigate the power shifts occurring across financial markets, trade, and politics.

Topics to be discussed:

Innovation and Technology

● Artificial Intelligence: Reshaping Everything
● Emerging Tech: Blockchain, Quantum Computing, IoT
● Data privacy strategies
● Inclusive technology and ethics

The Future of Work

● Tapping New Labor Markets
● Attracting Key Talent
● Reskilling and Training/Education

Sustainable Development

● Achieving the Low Carbon Imperative
● Rethinking Cities
● New Models for Mobility & Transportation
● Reducing Waste and Consumption
● Future of Plastics

Finance and the Economy

● Global Capital Markets: Trends and Shifts
● Investment Strategies in Emerging Markets
● Fintech and Mobile Banking
● VC Insights

Global Power Shifts

● Nationalism vs. Multilateralism
● Deep Dive sessions: China + The New Middle East
● Post-Brexit Europe and Global Trade
● Addressing Income Inequality
● Global Security and Political Risks
● Demographic Shifts: Aging Population and Burgeoning Youth
● Refugee/Immigration Crisis: The Next Phase

Business Leadership

● Downsize to Upsize? Preparing Companies for Global Economic Shifts
● Moral Leadership
● Building a Technology-first Company
● Driving Innovation Across Business